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Up close and personal...

Shoptalk is a collection of interviews of members of the art community conducted by graduate students that began in 2004. Painting professor, Terry McKelvey, now head of the graduate art department at Pennwest, Edinboro, edited the seven volumes, the most recent of which was published in 2016.

Chanakarn Semachai

Interviewed by Elliott Hong

Kate MacDowell God of Change.jpg
Kate McDowell

Interviewed by Rachel Maly

Kelly Jean Conroy

Interviewed by Madison Egleston

justine icon.png
Justine Ditto

Interviewed by Rae Canigiani

download (1).jpg
David Huang

Interviewed by Rebecca Neely

John Sabraw

Interviewed by Lorena Alvarez

Ani image.png
Marissa Childers

Interviewed by Anissa White

Holland Houdek

Interviewed by Morgan Calabrese

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